What do they Signify?

I have been going out for a run or bike ride pretty much every morning since my return from Tokyo. I spent the first four months back in Canada in the Eastern Townships, in Granby. It was wonderful to enjoy spring and summer and discover parts of the the area I’m not super familiar with, even though I lived there as a child (I didn’t get out much then). Watching mother nature do her thing and bring green, flowers, leaves to life has also been amazing. It has been a while since I lived somewhere where the seasons are so pronounced.

I have kept up the running and cycling since my arrival in Montreal. New location, new discoveries.

On many occasions I have had white butterflies cross my path. I started wondering what their meaning is and so I did a little research.

The first few results of my search were:

  • In Chinese symbology a white butterfly symbolizes the soul of a departed one. It also means angels are watching over you and that you are being protected.
  • Other mythologies say that if a white butterfly crosses your path or enters your home it will bring good luck and is a sign that you will have a good life.

Given the nature of the butterfly and its transformation from a caterpillar, I had expected to find more about it being a symbol of transformation.

Butterflies, in general, are thought to represent embracing change and new ways of being – which at this point in my life would definitely apply. This Covid-19 pandemic has given me the gift of time on my hands and has lead me to trying new things and taking some writing classes (which I have wanted to do for a while). It also lead to me deciding to make Montreal my home base – at least for now.

Some of my findings, well…I’d rather not go with – in some areas it is believed that if a white butterfly flies into your home it is a sign that someone in the family will die.

Nope, no thank you.

At least I haven’t seen any fly into the apartment in Granby, nor into my current abode, so that’s good. One can never be too careful. Ha!

Overwhelmingly though, the meaning attached to white butterflies is one of peace, tranquility, happiness, good fortune (as in you will have a good life, you are on the right track) and connection to loved ones lost.

There’s even a Christian point of view on this beautiful little creature. It is said to represent the angelic forces we hold in our hearts, and that they are connected to our own internal peace and tranquility. I like the sound of that!

So…if a white butterfly wants to fly alongside me as I run again (really…they have been at my side for a good 200-300 metres before flying off!), what I will choose to believe is that my spirit guides are close by (I have and do feel them…a lot!), continuing to keep an eye out on me and telling me that all is and will be well. That I will continue to have a good life – whatever I choose for it to be.

Hard to get these guys to pose for a photo! And my mobile doesn’t ever do it justice. I can only seem to get a photo when they are still, feeding off flowers.