Tropical flowers really are amazing. And the ones they put out in arrangements through the guest house are incredible. I felt their beauty warranted a post dedicated to them.

The main bouquet in the bedroom/living area.

On the stairs going up to the couch/tv area.

Upstairs in the couch/tv area.

You've already seen that the bathroom is a garden...but here's a reminder.

Just because the bathroom is a garden doesn't mean there shouldn't be an arrangement by the sink.

This is on the dining room in the main house. They put on one my dining table as well, and on the bed once the room's been cleaned (which means there's a fresh flower placed there every day).

This arrangement is by the entrance to the pool area - and the only way to get there is through their house. As you can see, not a big use of walls here. Makes for an amazing combination of indoor/outdoor.

This is one of my favourite nooks. It's just left of the buddha I showed you yesterday.


On their kitchen counter. As you can see, they use bamboo blinds instead of walls. Just to the left of the counter you see the path that leads to my guest house.

So pretty. I’ll miss these when I leave tomorrow. But it’s a good reminder to keep putting fresh flowers in my home!