After leaving Gili, we headed to Amed which is on the east coast of Bali. Because Bali is an island of active volcanos it has black beaches. Never having seen any before, this was something we wanted to see. Armed with a hotel recommendation from our hosts in Ubud, we headed to Amed from Gili. Here’s what we found.

Welcome to the Villa Coral, our home for the night.

Inside the villa. Outdoor washroom out the back, upstairs loft with my bedroom and balcony. Jacques was king of this villa (seemed only fair).

The view from our villa. Incredible to be right on the beach.

We lucked out again. Room, view, sunshine.

Visit from a friend on the restaurant wall. Maybe he had an offering to make.

Peak-a-boo from behind a painting hung on the restaurant wall.

Amed. A string of beach side hotels/restaurants and family compounds. There's a lot of diving and snorkelling to be had here. The water is crystal clear and very salty. You'll find Amed salt all over the island.

The beach in front of our villa.

Mount Agung. It last erupted in 1963 and was quite devastating. But as Wayan was saying today, it also provided Bali with a lot of building materials (stone, pebbles, etc.)

So many shades of green. Such a lush environment.

Cutting through a corn field.

Kids are kids are kids. Out playing soccer.

We could have easily stayed here a few more days. But, it was time to head back to Ubud for the last couple of nights of Jacques’ time in Bali.