Eat. Pray. Love. Most, if not all, of us have read the book and/or seen the movie. I will admit it, it’s one of the reasons I wanted to come to Bali. And while here I, of course, wanted to find Ketut. Does he say ‘see you later alligator’? How old is he really? What’s he actually like? What would he say to me? Mission accomplished. Jacques and I found him easily enough while walking around Ubud.  I am sure that as I sat waiting to see him I had a huge smile on my face. Question #1 answered. Yes, he does actually say ‘see you later alligator’, which he said to someone who was leaving as we sat down to wait our turn.

I can say that Ketut is a charmer. Very sweet with loads of charisma. I can see why so many people have come to see him over his lifetime. He lets you know that whether what he sees when he reads your palm is good or bad, he’ll tell you. Luckily, nothing too terrible came out of my reading. Apparently I will live to be 100 years old. When it comes to work I will do many things, and have success with all of it. I’m impatient (can’t argue with that). I have very, very good energy and will not have accidents. And I’ll get married again and be with him until I die. Bring it! Ketut also went on to say that I am very pretty, and that he is 99 years old and”cannot make sex anymore”. Damn. There goes my chance. So much for my love affair in Bali!

And then he told me that I am a Queen. And here I was giving myself a hard time for having a “princess complex”. The problem isn’t that I have grandiose ideas, it’s that I’m not aiming high enough! Queen Lise it is.

He’s a busy man. We got there just at the right time, only having to wait for one person to see him. While we were waiting another 3 walked in – from all corners of the world. Russian, Eastern European (not sure from where) and American.

I’m still smiling when I think of him. He’d been sick recently, but luckily he’s feeling good again.

My reading with Ketut

As part of the reading Ketut looks at the top of your back. When Jacques turned around he said “you bald!” and laughed so hard he forgot where he was in the reading and started over. It was too cute.