Made it! To my grand joy Lise was waiting at the airport with my taxi, good thing seeing he had forgotten the billboard with my name… We got to the house it was past 1 am and all i could see was vegetation! So i was looking forward to getting up in the morning to see where i would be calling home for a week or so!

I have heard in a movie that everyone has a love affair in Bali…. i have had mine! For the first 2 days we got monsoon like rain! Oh wait Lise why Bali in the rainy season?? oh yeah you live in rain all year round Vancouver…. So i take it mother nature knew something i didn’t, i needed to sleep, whether Lise liked it or not! So lucky for me my love affair was with my pillow!  days of mostly sleeping and now i am feeling somewhat human again! Lise didn’t seem to mind as i was awake to make her laugh for at least a few hours a day! When Lise told me she had found our spot in Ubud and sent me the link to their website i had complete faith and can’t even remember if i opened the link… You tell me did she pick right? here is my little room which has its private bath tub connected to a garden. The room is off the main office of the complex, by complex i mean a really nice house occupied by the two owners, the office and my studio room and the villa Lise is staying in. Of course her majesty the queen ( i did not give her this name! more on that later) had the villa!

Bed + Shower, notice it's surrounded by windows....

Bath with private garden! well private until i realized owners could see out of the corner, will be closing the curtains for my showers now...

and my wake up view

all in ll i am very pleased with the queen’s selection! we have access to an infinity pool which like most of the complex’s gardens, has a view of a gorge filled with rice paddies! I’ll let her majesty fill you in on the rest! i am going back to the balcony, music and my cold drink!